Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dumbf*ckery Interrupted

The dumbfuckery is coming so fast and furiously that The Blog is having trouble keeping up .

"The Cult of Willful Ignorance: Pt. 2" will be posted in the next 48 hours or so.

I promise.

But, over the last 24 hours, the shit has hit the fan in D.C. and all bets are off.

If it wasn't clear before, it should be, now.

The House of Representatives, dominated by Republicans, has been taken hostage by a very small contingent of ultra-right, fundamentalist, end-timers, lead, not by the Speaker of the House, but by...

                                                       Senator Ted Cruz (R- Whoville).

Got that?

Not a House representative.

A senator.

Senator Rafael "Ted"  "Green Eggs and Ham" Cruz, rightly exiled by his own wing of the Congress, has become that creepy college guy who hangs out at the high school because he might just impress enough, barely legal, freshmen girls to get his dick wet.

Pretty pathetic.

Since I am not going to dive too deeply into the Cult of Dumbfuckery, tonight...

I will tide you over with a couple of dumbfuck hits...

Chew on these for a bit.

Some deep intellect at a North Carolina middle school thought that this was a good idea.


Right-wing attorney Larry Klayman commits treason, safe in the knowledge that treason is the jurisdiction of the DOJ, who, conveniently, are shut down, thanks to "The Shutdown."

The Blog is above pointing out that the name "Klayman" is two consonants of separation away from "Klansman."

The Blog reports. You decide.

To be clear, The PC has quite a few "conservative" friends.

They insist that they are not racist.

The Blog believes them.

They would hate Obama if he looked more like his mom than his dad.  If he was "Barry O'Bama," recent history tells us, he would be attacked for his imagined allegiance to The Pope and The Vatican.

All of that aside, right-wing evangelicals and hardcore Republicans hate Obama because, like Bill Clinton, he isn't a conservative Republican.

So, not all right-wingers are racist.

But enough of them are that this.....


(No racism to be seen here. Move along...")

*Racism and Red baiting, together as you have always wanted them...*

Nope. No racism here.


While ex-pat Aussie/Britt Rupert Murdoch fans the flame of anti-democracy via Fox "News" and The Wall Street Journal...

Ex-pat Britt, Monty Python alumnus, Eric Idol, gets real.

The Godz willing and the creek don't rise....

We will finish this up, tomorrow.

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