Sunday, April 27, 2014

Just Checking In

Your Uncle PC hasn't posted anything new in nearly a week.

Which isn't really a good thing for a blog.


His first week of "summer" hiatus has been spent with equal parts getting up early and going to work anyway, getting up early for entirely non-work reasons, and sleeping 'til noon.

There has been so much to write about, this week.

But, since you are all on the interwebs, you already know.

Right-wing hypocrisy, misogyny and racism has reached new levels of "What the Fuck?"

Rich people have said things that prove that one does not need to be smart to be rich.

And the plot twists on The Blog's beloved TV series "Once Upon a Time" have twisted so many times that it is beginning to defy description.

But seriously, if you have not been watching "Once Upon a Time" go Netfilx™ it now and binge watch the first three seasons. Then, catch up on the latest episodes. "Once Upon a Time" is the most amazingly creative thing on TV today.

You can thank me later.

The Blog's "stats" report tells me that traffic is still pretty brisk for a blog that has not posted anything new in the last week.

That is pretty gratifying.

The fact is that the first couple weeks of hiatus, (for those that don't know, "hiatus" is show biz talk for "vacation" or "unemployment,") is a bit of an adrenaline crash for your Blog. Your PC gets a bit unmotivated for a few weeks.

But, your Blog will be back up to full steam in a couple of days.

As pissed off and motivated as ever.

Thanks for cutting me some slack and allowing me a bit of a rest.

See you soon.

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