Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"Psych": So Long, But Maybe Not Goodbye *Bonus Post*

The Blog is back, for a few minutes.

As he calculates the figures, The tax time numbers are looking good.

                                Shawn and Gus. Jules and Lassie. Woody and Chief Vick.

                                                                      The Blueberry.


Fake Santa Barbara. (Vancouver.)

Steve Franks and The Friendly Indians...

I think I will miss you most of all.

But, seriously. Isn't it time to release an Mp3 of the whole theme song?

Both verses.

Come on guys.

Thank you all for one of The Blog's most favorite shows from the last eight years.

And thanks for interrupting The PC's tears of nostalgia with one laugh-out-loud, also nostalgic, reference to San Francisco's favorite, consulting detective...

*Spoiler Alert, (If you haven't yet seen it yet... skip over the red text...)*

Shawn: We can set up shop, here! We can help you solve crimes!

Chief Karen: We.... already have a guy.

Shawn: You do? I  don't see him. Where is this guy?"

Jules: He's in the kitchen... alphabetizing the pantry.
*End Spoiler*
But, rumor has it that we have not seen the last of Shawn and Gus.

The Blog has it on good authority that the "Psych" gang may yet turn up on some "USA" network specials.

Or, maybe even a feature film or three.

                                                        If "Veronica Mars" could do it...

Never mind Mars...

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