Monday, April 28, 2014

Death Penalty

I am not 100% opposed to the death penalty.

I believe that there are certain criminals that deserve death.

Until we have a justice system that guarantees that a wrongly convicted person will not be put to death...

I oppose the death penalty.

That said...

Why are we, as a society, having so much trouble putting deserving criminals to death in a humane manor?

A few years ago, your Blog made the painful decision to relieve his 17-year-old sheltie of her misery.

The vet administered an injection that quickly paralyzed her organs.

Quick and painless.

The shuffling off of her Shakespearian, mortal coil.

I get it.

We think that murderers and rapists should suffer.

But, we want our death penalty people to die, without lowering ourselves their level.

If we really wanted them to suffer, properly, we would condemn these people to years of prison.

Prison = Years of suffering.

Death = Instant non-suffering.

Unless you believe in Hell.

If we must put convicts to death...

We must do so in the most humane way possible.

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