Saturday, April 5, 2014

The PC's First and Last "Frozen" Post

Your Blog will say this up front.

The Blog loves, loves, loves Kristen Bell.

                                           Wait. What? Where did this come from? Stop it!

The Blog meant to say...

                                                          He loves this Kristen Bell.

The CW's "Veronica Mars" skewed to a way younger demographic than the 50ish PC.

But, her spunky, 21st Century "Nancy Drew" was a guilty pleasure.

I have not seen the amazingly crowd-funded movie and probably won't until it hits the Redbox™ at his local 7eleven™.

Your Uncle PC also enjoyed her Disney™ debut in "Frozen."

"Frozen" wasn't just a visual treat, (and I didn't even see it in the 3D that was probably brain melting.) It was a nice story with good music. And, the first ever Disney Princess™ movie that rejected the notion that a Prince™ was required to define true love.

*And no, paranoid, right-wing, Christianists. It was not about incesting lesbians. It was about that thing you all seem to know and care so much about...

...Family values.*
Where was I?

Oh, right.

Love Kristen.

Love "Frozen."

But, there is that one song.

The one that we just can't seem to escape.

The one sung by the Broadway superstar, Adele Dazeem.


                                                                      Idina Menzel

A good song, no doubt.

But, ready to take it's place along side "Titanic's" "My Heart Will Go On," as a song that The Blog would not care if he never heard again.

Can we please just "Let It Go?"

But, back to Kristen Bell.

In the last 24 hours, a live performance of her snowman song has gone viral.

And it is amazing and full of feels.

Go watch and listen, here.

Just because.

You're welcome.

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