Monday, April 9, 2012

God and Guns????

Just a quick question for tonight.

The Blog has several Facebook friends, guys (yes, they are all guys, no gals) guys he grew up with and/or went to school with, who share a couple of things in common.

They identify themselves as "Christians." Evangelicals and serious Catholics, to be precise.

They devote about half of their posts to praising God and Jesus. They are all about their Christianity! And, God bless them for that!

About 25% of their posts are dedicated to hating Obama, specifically, and trashing liberals, in general. Okay, I get that, sort of. In the last decade or so, "Christian" has become a political party. A wholly owned subsidiary of the Republican Party.

It's the other 25% that baffles me.

What is up with their fetishizing of guns?

Seriously! When they aren't proselytizing The Glory of God, or hating on "the Socialist, Marxist, Kenyan, nigger in the Whitehouse," they are pleasuring themselves over memories of an afternoon of shooting the fuck out of shit.

What is that about? I really don't get it.

Their Christ was tortured and executed in a truly gruesome manor. But, man! They are all about their killing machines!

The Second Amendment is settled law. It's a done deal people! You get to keep and use your killing tools. Nothing and no one is going to take that away from you. In fact, if you live in one of the "Stand your ground law" states, you can pretty much kill anyone that makes you nervous.

So, why the obsession? Chill out. I mean it.

(If anyone wants to explain this to me, please, I welcome your comments!)


  1. Just when are you running for office> You have my vote... or as many as I can get away with!

    1. HA! Never, if I can help it! But, thanks for your support!