Friday, April 6, 2012

Wrapped in a Flag, Carrying a Cross

The Blog has mentioned in past posts that his email inbox is regularly assaulted by purveyors of right-wing propaganda. Most of that dreck comes from sources like, "Conservative Action Alerts,"  pro-gun NRA wannabes and such. The Blog has posted a few amusing headlines, in the recent past, from a group calling themselves "The Christian Response."

But, the planets must have aligned today in such a way that his inbox was inundated with email from the aforementioned "Christian Response" and a new one called (I am not making this up) "The Pray in Jesus' Name Project."

Now, you would think that these groups would be concerning themselves with matters pertaining, directly, to Christian issues. You would think that. But, you would be wrong. (Okay, there was one email from "The Pray in Jesus' Name Project" screaming about Sen. Al Franken, D- Wisconsin,  wanting to "force the teaching of the homosexual agenda on public school children." Which, to some "Christians" would be a Christian issue, if it were true. Which it isn't.)

These "Christian" groups, evidently, don't recognize the difference between Christian philosophy and extreme, radical right-wing dogma (or assume that their readers don't) and devote their resources to disseminating... how do I put this gently... lies.

First, some of the headlines from today's "Christian Response" emails....

"Barack Obama's Communist Mentor"

"The Obama Administration continues to wage a war against the truth about Islam and Jihad."

"Health Care Will Worsen Under Obamacare"

"Obama's hatred of western civilization is rooted not only in Karl Marx but in anti-colonialist attitudes gleaned from his father."

"Suddenly Liberals Care About The Constitution"

"It's Democrat Voter Fraud Season!"

"Democrats Want to Run Against Mitt Romney Because He Is Unelectable"  (Okay, this one is true.)

But, here is my favorite.... This came down from both "Conservative Action Alerts" and "The Pray in Jesus' Name Project."

"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently announced the Obama Administration will be working hand-in-glove with the UN to pass a new "Small Arms Treaty."

Here's the thing about this piece. The Blog has been receiving variations on this email for about three years now. So, not only is this not a "recent" development, the fact is that the U.N. Small Arms Treaty has nothing, nada, zip, zero, NOTHING to do American's Second Amendment rights. It is a strictly military agreement, an International Arms Control Treaty that, as far as The Blog can determine,was signed two years ago. But, the right-wing keeps flogging it as an attack on American's freedom.

And "The Pray in Jesus' Name Project" wants us to believe that this is a Christian issue.

(A digression... The Blog has a couple of old friends who identify themselves as "Evangelical Christians," who take great pleasure from posting on Facebook about their most recent experiences shooting the fuck out of shit. What is it about "Christians" and their obsession with tools designed for nothing but killing? (As in, "Thou shalt not....")

The Blog would love to assign these emails to his junk folder. Because The Blog is really sick of their unadulterated bullshit. But, then he wouldn't know what they are telling their brain dead disciples. And, what fun would that be?

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