Saturday, April 14, 2012

Three Stooges and a "Nun-kini"

Kate Upton's bad 'habits' infuriate Catholic group as swimwear model dons 'nun-kini' in The Three Stooges

An old friend posted this earlier today. I just now got time to read the article. (Okay, I didn't intend to read the article. I just clicked to see the photo. But, I wound up reading the article despite the distraction.) Please click on the above headline and read before I go on. I'll wait...........

First off... As far as anyone can tell "Spokesman Bill Donohue" seems to be the only member of "The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights." He makes a lot of noise when he thinks that Catholicism is being attacked. He is notably quiet on the subject of non-Catholic Christians, Jews and Muslims. (As Herman Cain would say, I have no facts to back this up. I checked out wikipedia's page about "The League." It seems to be well maintained by whoever "The Catholic League" is.)  His "organization" has been resoundingly and repeatedly disavowed by The Vatican.

But, more revealing is the fact that he/they feel that the movie is "not in the same spirit as the original series." And, "In the 1950s, Hollywood generally avoided crude fare."

So, let me get this straight... eye poking, nose grabbing, hair tearing and monkey wrenches to the back of the head were not "gratuitous." But, a beautiful woman, portraying a nun in a bikini is.


As a kid, I grew up watching "The Stooges." Even in the pre-politically correct 1960s, Captain Penny made a point of telling us impressionable kids that their violence was pretend and we should never, ever, imitate it.

Bill Donohue has no problem with violence. It's exposed lady flesh that upsets him.

Bill... Dude... You have issues. Get some professional help!

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