Sunday, July 29, 2012

Memory Loss...

Funny thing about having posted 132 posts to the blog in six months....

Your old uncle PC is starting to forget what he has and hasn't written about.

The Blog has spent much of today composing a rant, in his head, about the problems facing medical marijuana and it's distribution.

Now, The Blog has some very specific opinions on this subject. He has pontificated about it to his friends (the ones who encouraged him to start this blog, to begin with) for years.

But, when I sat down tonight to write about the subject, the little voice in The Blog's head asked, "Have you already done this post?"

And The Blog answered the voice, "Shit! I don't know!"

So, instead of composing a new and amusing rant, The Blog has spent the last half hour or so reviewing everything that he has posted here.

Damn! There is some good stuff here! If you are new to this blog, spend this evening catching up with all of the brilliance you have missed!

Sure, there is some crap here. Some, just lazy and some, just really lazy. But, like an episode of SNL or Monty Python, for every "Killer Bee" sketch or "Crunchy Frog" bit that went nowhere and had no ending, there are, in The Blog's not so humble opinion, a few gems.

As it turns out, The Blog has not shared his view of the problems plaguing "prescription pot." So, tomorrow night, you will be treated to one of The Blog's better bloviations.

Tune in tomorrow!

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