Friday, July 20, 2012

The Top Story Tonight...

The media is all atwitter tonight, about the story that comedic actor Fred Willard was caught with his pants down in a Hollywood adult movie theater.

Holy shit! What decade is this?

I mean, really?

We are well into the 21st Century, where you can access any sort of porn you want with a mouse click or two away from this blog.

(Or... well... that is what I have been told, anyway.)

The Blog is stunned to learn that there are still X-rated theaters in Hollywood. Who knew?

Okay, so Fred, who was the subject of a terrific article about his comedic awesomeness  in the Los Angeles Times not a week ago, might have been caught pulling a "Pee Wee Herman" in a  porn theater.

So fucking what?

The dude is nearly 80 years old.

If a porno in a movie theater is what he needs to get a proper hard-on... well... more power to him. At least he isn't diddling children or stalking Lindsey Lohan.

And, what the fuck? PBS has already fired him from his new hosting job, without due process of any kind.

The Blog stands with Fred.

(But, Fred. Between you and me, stay out of theaters. The internet is your high-tech friend.)

Crap! This doesn't fit with my Batman theme week.

So here is this...

Mrs. Blog and I went to the movies this morning. "Ice Age" part 348, or whatever.

An entertaining movie, but really, I think it is time for the "Ice Age" franchise to hang it up.

But, at 9:30 AM, the line for the Batman trilogy was already a half a block long. All midnight shows were sold out.

The Los Angeles Times Kenneth Turran calls "The Dark Knight Rises" "genius " and "Oscar worthy."

The Blog will see it sometime next week, when the crowds have thinned.

A review will come.


  1. "...pulling a 'Pee Wee'...." Brilliant!

  2. Way more than I needed to know... ew.