Sunday, July 8, 2012

Science vs. Not Science

Two interesting stories in the news this week that seem to lend themselves to a perfect "double feature."

Not because of their similarities, but because of their positions on opposite ends of the spectrum.

The scientists at Geneva, Switzerland's CERN (Crazy Experimental Researching Nerds) have announced that they have found the evidence to prove the existence of the Higgs boson particle. A.K.A "The God Particle."

Here is the story.

Now this is all way beyond The Blog's understanding, but I gather that  it means that they have found the sub-atomic particle that all other sub-atomic particles are made of.

                                                            "Science works. Whether you believe in it or not."

The Blog watches "The Big Bang Theory" every week and has read "The DaVinci Code" prequel "Angels and Demons" (And, he might add, has seen the movie!)  so he considers himself an expert on the subject of CERN and the Higgs boson. And, The Blog declares this news to be the most amazing scientific discovery since Snooki's ability to procreate.

CERN actually stands for "The European Organization for Nuclear Research" (Yeah, I don't get it either. I guess it gets lost in the translation.)

In a nutshell, CERN is run by the science geek's science geeks. They invented the "World Wide Web." And, they are the home of "The Large Hadron Collider." (Not to be mistaken for the Small Hadron Collider.) The folks at CERN are The Rolling Stones of the science community.

Considering the amazing scientific advancements that have been openly announced by CERN, The Blog wonders about the things that they don't talk about. If anyone is six months away from inventing a "Star Trek" transporter beam or a time travel machine, it's the CERN scientists.

From the sublime to the ridiculous...

Sad news from the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.

The museum that tries to put a pseudo-science spin on biblical "Creationism" has run into problems raising the funds to build a neighboring, Noah's "Ark Encounter" theme park.

And that is a real shame! Because, a life size rendering of Noah's Ark, complete with two of every animal (including all the various dinosaurs that the Creation Museum claims shared the Earth with humans 6,000 years ago) has got to be more fun than any old "Wizarding World of Harry Potter!" 

The Blog could take some time to describe the history rewriting awesomeness of the "Creation Museum." But, why not just go and check out their web site for yourself? When it comes to spin, this is better than the Reagan Presidential Library!

The folks behind the Creation Museum are the absolute flip side of the coin that CERN occupies.

While the folks at CERN use scientific principal to discover "The God Particle," the folks at the CM use fake science to rationalize, as fact, stories that even most Christian scholars have called "parables."

Especially the story of Noah's Ark.

In the church that The PC grew up in, we were taught that the story of the ark was so ridiculous that it was, clearly, a case of teaching a lesson via absurdist humor.

I hope that that the Ark Park gets its funding. As long as it isn't from taxpayer's money.

The Blog will be the first in line when they open!

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