Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's Just So Sad

Wonkette at wonkette.com (The Blog's future fantasy second wife) posted some batshittery from SNL has-been Victoria Jackson.

I so wanted to make fun of Miss Jackson here.

But, I can't, because it is just so sad.

Author Stephen King (not to be mistaken for Congressional asswipe Rep. Steve "Joseph McCarthy was a pussy" King of Iowa) once said that, "Calling 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' the worst movie ever made is like making fun of a retarded child." The politically incorrect use of the term "retarded child" notwithstanding, Big Steve is right. And it describes, perfectly, how these clips make me feel.

The Blog feels a bit guilty for even sharing this here. God, it's just so wrong.

Maybe I can balance my karma by making this plea....

Dear Hollywood,

Please, please, please give Victoria Jackson a job.!

Please help this poor, sad woman. Get her off the streets and help her regain her self-respect. Thank you.


The Premature Curmudgeon

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