Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Media

In spite of what most conservatives will tell you, The Media is not liberal.

Sure, there are a lot of liberals working in The Media. There are even a few socially liberal CEOs running The Media.

But The Media is wholly owned by a handful of giant, multi-national corporations. Those corporations benefit from conservative policies. Republican administrations are far more inclined to hand out tax breaks and other financial considerations to those corporations.

Because of that fact, The Media leans conservative. And not always by choice.

Back during the 2004 presidential campaign, Viacom CEO Sumner Redstone was asked if he supported the reelection of George W. Bush. His response was eye opening.

(I am paraphrasing here. I do not have the actual quote next to me. But, I remember it, vividly.)

"I am opposed to nearly every policy of the Bush administration. But, because I am the CEO of a corporation, I am legally obligated to support which ever administration will better benefit our shareholders. Therefore, I am bound to support Bush's reelection."

It's true. If a CEO does anything to negatively affect the bottom line profits of his company, he will not just piss off his shareholders. He can be prosecuted in federal court. Regardless of his personal beliefs. 

Ain't that some shit?

And, there is another thing.

When it comes to political campaigns, The Media has some serious skin in the game.

The Media works very hard to keep up the appearance of a close race, especially during presidential campaigns. Because campaign advertising is a huge cash cow for The Media. Millions (or rather billions, this year) of advertising dollars are poured into the media by both sides. A one sided race means fewer profits for The Media.

So, The Blog hears you asking, "Why, Uncle PC, are you bringing this up right now?"

Well, my bloglitts, something weird happened today.

The Media, as with one mind, called bullshit on Paul Ryan's fact free convention speech.

For example, watch as Scott Pelley, of the aforementioned Viacom owned CBS News, goes all Cronkite on Ryan's ass about Ryan's claim that Obama was the reason that Standard & Poor downgraded the United States' credit rating.

Just more proof of the "liberal media," you say?

So what do you say about this opinion piece on the Fox News web site?

Holy shit! The Blog hates directing traffic to Fox News' site. But, there it is.

Of course, the Fox News network won't report it.

You know that it has to be bad when The Media goes against business as usual and calls out a major candidate. When the lies are this egregious, The Media would just look stupid if they didn't.

The Blog will be interested to see how The Media covers Mittens' speech. Mostly just short on substance. But, Willard continued his practice of conflating the accomplishments of Bain & Co. with the slash and burn, corporate raiding of Bain Capital.

And, why does The Blog keep referring to the media as "The Media?"

Because The Media is bigger than God, and signs The Blog's paycheck.

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