Sunday, August 5, 2012

Willard's Endorsements

In the last 48 hours or so, Republican presidential candidate Willard "Mittens" Romney has scored two coveted endorsements.

                                           This guy. Who is in no way a Hollywood elitist of any kind.

Clint Eastwood. Actor. Celebrity. Pretend tough guy. Channeling Hollywood elitist, pretend tough guy, noted doll collector Marion Morrison, aka...

                                                                            This guy.

                                                                       And this woman.

Entrepreneur, author, and porn star.

Or, as she has often been billed...

"Queen of the Porn Stars."

For those of you who are out of that loop, (Come on! The Blog knows that you're lying. You know who she is!) this is Jenna Jameson. Quite possibly the most monetarily successful porn star in the history of porn stars.

Jenna made news yesterday when she endorsed Willard, while sitting in the VIP room of a strip club, sipping champagne...

                                                                       Here is the quote.

In fairness, Jenna's comments represent the attitude of most wealthy Republicans. So, It isn't really surprising. 

The Blog remembers, as if it was yesterday, hearing African-American radio and newspaper pundit Larry Elder...

...back in 2000, saying, "George W. Bush stands for almost nothing that I believe in. But, he is going to lower my taxes. So I have to support him."

Elder has spent all of his time and energy since then, rationalizing that position.

Full disclosure....

The Blog is proud of the fact that many people in the porn industry (in front of and behind the cameras) are dear friends.

The Blog Jr. has a collection of teddy bears, each one named after the porn star that gave each of them to him, in celebration of his birth.

In fact, The Blog knew Jenna when she was a fresh faced 19 year old, just off the bus from the mid-west.

                                                                 When she looked like this.

You see, your Uncle PC made a pretty good living for the first decade or so of his career working in the porn industry. He honed his skills and made a decent living in the process.

The Blog knows that Jenna is a bit too young to remember when the Republican, Reagan administration's "Meese Commission" waged a full out war on the porn industry.

Like it or hate it, porn is the very model of "free market capitalism."

So, what do the fake cowboy and the real porn star have in common?

They are both filthy rich. Thanks to the middle class folks who pour a great deal of their income into watching their films. 

So, why would a porn star endorse a candidate who has made shutting down the porn industry, an industry that creates thousands of American jobs,  a platform in his campaign? 

That's easy!

Like so many other wealthy Republicans, Jenna subscribes to the "I got mine, so screw you." philosophy. She has that in common with Clint Eastwood and Larry Elder.

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