Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Confession

If you know me, or follow me on Facebook, or have just been paying attention here on The Blog's blog, then you know that I have been a loudly outspoken advocate for equal rights for all.

And on this night, as the United States Supreme Court adjourns to chambers to make, possibly, historic decisions regarding California's Proposition 8 and the "Defense of Marriage Act," The Blog is going to tell you something that you will find shocking.

Here we go...

Your Old Uncle PC harbors a deep, hardwired distrust of gay people.

The more out, in your face, flamboyant, a gay person is, (Gay men, mostly. I don't know why, but lesbians don't seem to have the same quirks as gay men,) the less likely I am to trust them when I turn my back.

Before I go on, let me make one thing clear...

Some of my best friends, as they say, are gay.

They are people that I have known for a long time and who I love like brothers and would trust with my life.

Those aren't the people I'm talking about.

I'll get back to that, shortly.

But, as someone who works in a gay adjacent career, I have seen far too many gay men who seem to be devoted only to their own self interest.

They will hug you and kiss you on the cheek while sharpening the knife to put in your back.

I have even seen gay men fuck over their own best friends for their own advancement.

Too often.

Too many gay men are textbook sociopaths.

There. I said it.

"So," you ask, "if you are such a homophobe, why are you such an advocate for gay rights and acceptance?"

The Blog is not a psychologist. His two year long college minor in psychology hardly qualifies him to draw conclusions, but his 53 years of life and 30 years of observation of the human condition does, in my not so humble opinion, allow me an hypothesis.

The PC advocates for full acceptance of homosexuals in society because...

It is the very vilification of gays by our society that causes gay sociopathy.

Imagine spending your developmental years being told that people like you (because, no one at that point knows that you are one of those people) are perverts, abominations in the eyes of God, sick, Hell bound sinners.

Imagine spending your youth in an abyss of closeted self loathing.

Imagine being ostracized by your friends, and worse, your family, for being who you are.

Imagine being told by society that you are less than human.

God damn how that must suck!

When a gay boy becomes a gay man, is it any wonder if he says to himself, "Fuck it! I'm going to look out for 'number one,' because nobody else will."

I think that I have shared this story, before, in an earlier post.

(It's just too late at night for me to dig into the archives to find the post.)

Gary B. the kid from The Blog's childhood who first hung the epithet "sissy" on the young, skinny, bad at sports, good at art, bloggling, who, when not beating the crap out of me was goading others to do so, his snarling, hate filled visage still burned into The PC's psyche... at the age of 22... came out.

If he could have only, honestly, told his bigoted father, early on, that he felt different from other kids, maybe my own life would have been different.

Am I making my point here?

The problem, as The Blog sees it, isn't gayness.

The problem is a hateful and bigoted society that forces gays into the closet and a potential sociopathic future.

The answer, in my not so humble opinion, is not "tolerance," because tolerance suggest a superiority over lesser human beings, but rather, full acceptance.

It is high time that American society understands that.

Here is what Jesus had to say about the evils of homosexuality...

"...                                                                                        ..."

Oh, and about those gays that The PC loves and trusts implicitly...

Just a guess here, but I'm thinking that they had great parents and supportive families and friends.

Which just proves my point.


  1. I wasn't sure where you were headed with this at first. I'm glad I stayed till the end.