Friday, March 8, 2013

I Stand Corrected

A couple of errors in last night's post have been brought to The Blog's attention.

First.) The PC's sister has informed him that Monica and Ross were brother and sister.

I probably meant Ross and Rachel.

She is probably right. I will take her word for it.


The PC has never seen one single episode of "Friends."

Not one.

The fact that The Blog even knows these names or that there was an "on again, off again, on again" relationship between two of the show's characters can only be attributed to a quirk in The Blog's DNA that causes him to absorb certain elements of popular culture through osmosis.

*End Confession*

B.) The Blog also received a comment from some nice person at The Cleveland Plain Dealer informing him that the headline The PC remembers was not from The CPD.

You can read the comment in the "Comments" section of last night's post.

The Plain Dealer person even took the time to find the front page of the paper from the day in question, to prove it.

                                                                        Here it is.

The PC is being, only, a little bit sarcastic when he says that he is pleased to learn that, in this day and age of newspapers struggling to even employ actual reporters, The Plain Dealer still manages to pay someone to keep tabs on mentions of the paper on the internets.

And, sincerely, person at The Plain Dealer, I really do appreciate the time you took to do the research that I should have done. Thank you for your feedback, and for making The Blog question the very fabric of the memories of his youth.

But, I have to ask...

No mention, at all, of the wedding in your October 29, 1974 edition?

Not even in the Entertainment section?

The wedding episode did break ratings records.

It was a long time ago. So, I don't know. Maybe "Overnights" hadn't been invented yet?

The PC does, in fact, remember the headline.

Maybe it was a couple of days later?

Or, maybe, The PC is getting his papers confused.

Maybe that headline was on the front page of The Lorain Journal.

Anyway, as The PC's bloglitts understand (at least, I hope that they do) the post was reminiscence, not reportage.

On the rare occasion that The Blog attempts to commit actual journalism, he will identify it as such.


A quick shout out to two new followers of The PC!

Anne Flanagan and the single named Nancy...

Welcome, new bloglitts!!!

Enjoy your time here!

Tell your friends!

(And your enemies.)

I'm easy, that way. 



Don't forget!

Tomorrow night we "Spring Ahead" one hour.

Sinister forces will rob us of one hour of precious internet Facebook Plants vs. Zombies blogging sleep time.

I blame Obama.


  1. Hah! I bet it was the Journal - or perhaps even more likely, The Press. That seems like above-fold news for The Press. And same on the Plain Dealer for not reporting such an event.

    And if it makes you feel any better, my memories of 1974 are quite foggy....

  2. Definitely not The Press.

    The Avon Lake Press was (is?) an "advertiser" (as defined in an earlier post.)

    Strictly local news.

    So, most likely, The Journal.