Monday, March 18, 2013

The Deer Crossing Lady Returns

A couple of posts ago, The Blog shared the rantings of a blogger from his hometown of Avon Lake, Ohio.

This blogger, one Kathleen O'Brien Wilhelm, wrote a blog post so laughably ignorant that within a week of it's posting, it had gone viral.

If you didn't see it, you can catch up here.

I'll wait.

Thanks to alert reader "VamonosPest," for giving The Blog a head's-up about America's favorite deer shit crazy lady's latest spew.

If you must, you can go to the Avon-Avon Lake Patch's web site and read it, here.

But, since The Blog hates directing traffic to such awful pages, you can read the whole thing right here, with annotations by yours truly.

So, here we go...

America needs another holiday--Voter Day for the Presidential election. One day, and perhaps a Saturday.

Okay, The PC is on board for making the presidential election day a national holiday.

But, why Saturday?

No federal holiday has ever landed on a Saturday.

Federal holidays, for the most part, land on Mondays.

Even the observation of president's birthdays.

So, why Saturday? A day that most people with normal jobs already have off? 

On this day, a photo identification with one’s social security number and photo provides the voter the right to vote.

Um. no. The Constitution of The United States of America provides the voter the right to vote.

Voting for the President of the United States is a privilege...

No, Ms. Wilhelm, voting for the President of the United States is a right. (See above.)

Voting has become marred with Black Panther’s threatening voters...

Two poll watchers in Pennsylvania, in 2010 happened to be large, black men. Dubbed "The New Black Panthers" by Fox "News," the right-wing blatherers ran with the story. The DOJ investigated and found no such thing was true. 

...and a great deal of voter fraud.

"A great deal" meaning, statistically, none. 

Illegal aliens...

Who tend to not try to call attention to themselves by attempting to vote, for fear of deportation...

... nuns...

Yeah, because why are nuns voting?

...the educated...

Ah! There's the problem! The educated, (people unlike Ms. Wilhelm) have the gaul to vote! Because, fuck the educated! Where do those elitists get off?

...those unregistered, and dead people --all voting many times, many days.

Well, yeah. In deep red Florida, where dead people are famous for voting for Republicans. Otherwise, not so much.

Recently, a poll worker and Obama supporter admitted voting twice in the presidential election. She also was indicted for allegedly voting at least six times. Besides voter fraud, this poll worker also is charged with voting in the name of five other people in various elections. In an interview she said, "I'll fight it for Mr. Obama and Mr. Obama's right to sit as president of the United States."

An 86 year old woman with dementia who considers herself a proud American voted twice. The criminal complaint shows she voted absentee ballot and at the polls. She asked of the poll workers, "Why didn't they tell me to go home?“ One can only hope voter fraud and any harassment or dishonesty at the polls is discovered and the criminals jailed forever, but voter fraud is not rare.

A quick search of Snopes, Politifact and FactCheck suggests that none of this ever happened. But, why let facts get in the way of a good ideological rant?

Since Ms. Wilhelm neglects to source these claims, The Blog has to assume that she is getting her information from Fox "News," the right-wing blogosphere, or the voices in her head.

Voter fraud is not new, and it is becoming more. It’s often a laughable cliché that many dead people vote in Chicago.

*Begin Cheap Shot*

"Becoming more" what? Just "more?"


*End Cheap Shot*

Yes, a "laughable cliché." Sixty years ago, maybe. Ancient history. But, not relevant now.

America’s vote has become tarnished? [sic] It was bad when women and Blacks were prevented this right, but the US Constitution resolved this injustice. It is time something be done to protect America's vote.

Yes... but, um... what?

Ms. Wilhelm blathers on for a couple more paragraphs. So much more nonsense that The Blog has no more energy to comment on them.

For the purpose of completion, here they are...

Why are there so many days to vote? We appear to have no problem with jobs, plans and all that is life when it comes to December 25. That’s the date for Christmas without any wiggle room (If you celebrate this date and have children, you know). With early voting, in many U.S. states, the period varies between four and fifty days prior to Election Day. Can you imagine any other holiday you celebrate given this length of wiggle room?

Okay, I lied. I'm back. At this point, I feel like that guy in the ATT cell phone commercials, listening to feedback from kindergardeners. 

                                                                                           This guy.

Yes, early voting allows voters who might be unable to vote on election day to vote. Yes, early voting relieves congestion at the polls, accommodates those with scheduled medical procedures, vacations and other, but does early voting need to be four to fifty days? One Saturday or an absentee ballot should accommodate all of these concerns.

Right now, government workers receive 10 paid holidays. Substitute or add Voter Day to this list. If Voter Day prevents voter fraud, I would welcome the expense.

She seems to have answered her question before she asked it. But, since I'm here...

What states, exactly, allow fifty days to vote? 

Besides Voter Day, Americans must preserve the vote with voter identification. A voter’s social security number with a photo is the answer. It is the perfect identification for all; as how does one receive his or her benefits, entitlements, or passport if not with a social security number?

America must have identification to vote. America must take responsibility and claim our right to vote in a fair and honest election. Our soldiers have sacrificed for our freedom; we must protect our vote.

Yes! Oh God, Yes! Our soldiers died and were maimed in Iraq and Afghanistan protecting our freedom to present a government I.D. to exercise our Constitutional right to vote!

God bless George W. Bush!

Once again, Ms. Wilhelm has proven herself to be the stupidest woman in America who has never served a half term as Governor of Alaska.

                                                                 Can you smell what The Blog is cooking?

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