Monday, November 25, 2013

10 Questions

So, yesterday, this happened.

That's right. After three long decades of saber rattling at The Middle East in general (except for Israel, because Israel and The USA are BFFs,) and at Iran, specifically...

The US and her allies reached an agreement regarding nuclear development limitations with Iran.

Because diplomacy, bitches!

It should not be surprising to anyone that, before The President's presser announcing the deal, was even over, Right-wing, Conservative, Republican, Christianist outrage spewed forth.

Senator John Cornyn (R-The Independent Republic of Texas) took to the Twitter machine and twatted out the following...

That damned Obama! Distracting 'Merca from a glitchy website by promoting peace in the middle east. He's a crafty Muslim.

The military industrial complex is pissed, because there is no profit to be made from diplomacy. No bombs, no money.

The Dominionist, End Timer, fundies are pouting because JesusJehovahGod won't be returning as soon as they hoped. No bombs, no Armageddon, or some shit.

By some coincidence, or not...

Today, this happened on the Facebook.

All of my conservative friends, who are all highly informed and educated and think for themselves because they get their information from Breitbart and WND and various Facebook pages with words like "Freedom" and "Patriot" in their names...

(But, who never watch Fox "News" or listen to any AM radio, ever.)

...All, independently and on their own, shared that little number with us ignorant, Liberal, Obama supporters.

Oh sure. We Libs shared our own favorite memes of the day.

                                                                      Like this one.

Because, yeah.

The Blog is too lazy busy to comment any farther on this.

But, I ran across an interesting post from Allen Clifton over at Forward Progressives that seems appropriate at this point.

10 Questions Every Liberal Should Ask Every Republican
 1) If Republicans are so fiscally responsible, why was President Eisenhower (in the 1950′s) the last Republican president to balance the budget? 
2) If President Reagan was such a fiscally conservative hero, why did he quadruple our national debt during his eight years in the White House?
3) If tax breaks are the main driving force behind job creation, how would we create jobs once tax rates were reduced to practically zero?
4) If socialized health care is so awful, why does every country that leads the world in life expectancy have socialized health care?
5) If you support the freedom of religion (as per our Constitution), and my church recognizes gay marriage, isn’t your support for the banning of same-sex marriage an attack on my religion’s First Amendment rights? 
6) What’s more realistic?  1) That an entire region of the United States that supported slavery in the late-1800′s and support segregation in the 1950′s and 60′s suddenly stopped being racist, or 2) The racist southern Democrats in the south became Republicans during the 50′s and 60′s when the Republican party shifted toward an idea called the “Southern Strategy,” where the GOP appealed to the racism in southern whites who didn’t like African Americans voting for Democrats. 
7) If taxes are at some of their lowest levels in history, and the wealthiest in this country are richer than ever, why hasn’t the growth in the wealth of the middle class matched that of the top 2%? 
8) If our Founding Fathers wanted this nation to be based on Christianity, why don’t the words “Christian” or “Christianity” appear even once in our Constitution? 
9) If a Republican president reduced massive job losses in the midst of the worst recession in nearly a century by more than 50% in his first 4 months in office; presided over 44 consecutive months of private-sector job growth creating nearly 8 million jobs; killed Osama bin Ladin; saw stock markets reach all-time highs; saved the American auto industry; increased domestic oil production to highs not seen since the late-90′s and championed the largest year-to-year deficit reductions since World War II, would your party not be calling him a hero and a legend? 
10)  If Jesus spent his life helping the poor and the needy, how does it make sense that a party which claims to be for “Christian values” continues to cut funding for programs that help the poor and the needy?
These questions should make Thursday's Thanksgiving dinner with your ditto-head uncle or fundie bro-in-law interesting.

(If The PC is thankful for nothing else, it is that he will be breaking Thanksgiving bread with like-minded, fellow travelers, leaving all the ditto-heads 2000 miles away.)

If any of your Republican co-diners can answer any of these questions without sounding like Sarah Palin, give them an "attaboy" and an extra helping of sweet potatoes. If they can't, hand them a heaping helping of smugness. Ronald Reagan would approve.

And, if you happen to be one of The PC's Conservative friends who happened to drop by The Blog's blog...

Please endeavor to answer the questions here in the comments section. I would love to hear from you!

But, please, please, please...

Leave your answers here, not on Facebook. It's not that hard.

If you're smart enough to operate the internet, you are smart enough to use The Blog's comment section.

Thank you. 

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