Monday, November 25, 2013

Satire Is Getting Impossible

The Blog has gone down this road before.

But, with every passing day...

The real world is getting harder and harder to satirize.

                                          Satire isn't dead, yet. But, it's feeling kind of sick.

Way back in Two Thousand and Aught Three, then Los Angeles Times political cartoonist Mike Ramirez, an ultra-conservative, Republican, was allowed to exercise his First Ammendment right to be a dickweed, three times a week, on the op-ed page of the Liberal leaning Los Angeles Times.

One day in 2003, Ramirez put pen to paper and scribbled the following cartoon.

Now, any idiot can see what Mikey was doing here.

I guess.

"Politiks" (whatever the fuck that is) is holding a gun to Dubbya's head, because Iraq and some shit.

Never mind that Mike R.'s body of work showed that he was The L.A. Times' token righty.

All that the Bush Whitehouse saw was a gun to Bush's head.

An obvious death threat.


In response, Bush's Secret Service, literally, came pounding on the door of the L.A. Times, demanding to have a word or two with the terrorist, Mike Ramirez.

The powers that be at The L.A. Times, rightly, told the Secret Service to "fuck off and stop being clueless dick-heads," and didn't let them pass their lobby.

You can read all about it, here.

Fast forward to...

This week.

This week, no less than three, count 'em, three, idiots caught the attention of the Secret Service, by very openly advocating for the assassination of President Obama.

This guy sent an email addressed to "Adolph Obama" via the web site.

This guy went, verbally, postal, in a post office.

Both of them have been arrested, because, you know, Obama is a tyrant.

A Facebooker going by the title of "Christian American Patriots Militia" (who lives in his parent's basement and wears Alcoa wrap on his head, I'm guessing,) has gotten a lot of people's attention, including the Secret Service, but has not yet been arrested, is still on Facebook, because... well... I really don't fucking know why.

So, okay. These morons are probably guilty of all sorts of federal crimes, but mostly, they are guilty of being fucktards for exercising their First Amendment right to be fucktards via a government web site, the Post Office, and Facebook.

The system has, or will be, taking care of these idiots.

But then, there is this guy.

This guy is killing satire.

Because what more can be said?

The Blog tried to find a screenshot of this video on Google, but there just isn't one.

So you are just going to have to endure the whole video.

(Yes, the Blog has linked to the same video four times, just to make sure you go see it.)

Unlike the idiots above who are, stupidly, publicly, advocating for the assassination of the President...

This Tea-billy "Spartan" spouts idiocy, but breaks no laws.

(Yep. I just linked to it, again.)

As far as The PC knows, there is no law against displaying moobs* and a beer belly while wearing a mask and cape.

                                                                     *F.Y.I. "Moobs."

The Blog hopes that there is no such law, since he, occasionally, dons a Batman "onesie" and mask whenever a Jehovah's Witness or home remodeling salesman comes to the door.

Not so sure that "Impeach Obama Spartan" could beat a horse abuse case.

(Yep! Linked to it one more time.)

Just sayin'.

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