Friday, November 29, 2013

The War on Christmas: Black Friday Edition

Blogger's Log: 2300 hours, 11.29.2013

Still suffering from an L Tryptophan, sugar and alcohol induced hangover, complicated by a 45 minute wait in line to buy discounted pillows from Anna's Linens on the evening of Thanksgiving, followed by a midnight visit to the Hallmark store. (False alarm. Their web site lied. They didn't open until 8:00 AM Friday.) A return to Hallmark at 8:00 AM, followed by a visit to Home Depot...

The Blog is in no condition to post any original thought of value.

I tried. Really, I did.

It's easy to preach "No shopping on Thanksgiving," and "No shopping on Black Friday."

But, The PC has a wife.

So, principles go right out the window.

At least I got nowhere near a Walmart.

I have to draw a line in the sand, somewhere.

But, the weekend is young.

Who knows what tomorrow and Sunday will bring?

Much has happened this week, that deserves comment.

With any luck, The Blog will be back up to speed tomorrow or the day after, to post a "week in review," column.

Until then, The Blog will send you over to the good folks at, and let them do the heavy, post Thanksgiving, lifting.

Please enjoy and be edified by "5 Ridiculous War on Christmas Myths."

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