Monday, November 11, 2013

Party On With Pervy Uncle Sam

Go, read, then come back...

Hey kids! Go ahead and party with the Koch Bros. "Generation Opportunity!" Eat their pizza! Drink their beer!

                                       Get that awesome profile pic with Rapey Uncle Sam!

Then, go get yourself some affordable health insurance!

Of course, if you are a college student, and/or under the age of 26, you're still covered by your parent's insurance, thanks to the ACA. So, Enjoy the pizza, beer and creepy photo-op. Then tell the Kochs to shove their "opportunity" up their asses.

If you weren't at the U of M/ VT game last weekend, don't despair! "GenOp" plans to visit 20 more campuses this fall.

"Just look over your shoulder.
 We may be coming to your town!"

I don't know about you...

But The Blog is feeling nostalgic for...

                                                                           This guy!

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