Friday, May 9, 2014

Bill Nye is an Actual Science Guy

The Blog notes... Like so many projects in Hollywood, Part Two (or is it "Episode V?") of my thoughts, reminiscences, observations and predictions about "Star Wars" is being "pushed back" until tomorrow night. Until then, there is this.

Yesterday, over on the Facebook, I shared this graphic featuring my friend, (okay, professional acquaintance,) Bill Nye, laying a smack-down on a climate change denier.

One of my Facebook friends, in the comment thread, shared this from Bill Murray and "Ghostbusters."

*Seriously Apple™? TextEdit's spell check doesn't recognize "Ghostbusters?"  Are there any actual nerds working at Apple anymore?*

My Facebook friend suggested that someone should make a version of this meme with Bill Nye.

So, Your Blog, like Aladdin's Genie...

(The funny, happy, Robin Williams, Disney type. Not the creepy, "Monkey's Paw," "be careful what you wish for, because whatever you wish for is going to turn out badly and someone you love is going to die, type...)

Says, "Your wish is my command."

This is going on a t-shirt before the week is out.


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