Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cleveland Rocks: Bonus Post

While researching info about Murray Saul on the day of his passing, I ran across a couple more bits of late '70s Cleveland nostalgia. Here is a double dose...

Ian Hunter's "Cleveland Rocks" at The Agora Ballroom, no less! 

How about Alex Bevan's "Skinny Little Boy?" 

The Euclid Beach Band's "No Surf in Cleveland." 

And, don't forget Willio and Phillio!


Here is something crazy that your Blog just learned about Willio and Phillio.

(If you are not a late '70s Clevelander, you probably won't care, but here it is anyway.)

Here is what I did know. 

Not long after they achieved success in Cleveland, Will Ryan and Phil Baron took off to Hollywood to work for Disney. They did a couple of records for Disney with the likes of Donald Duck and went on to voice characters for the Disney Channel. 

Phil went on to produce Disney Channel shows while Will continued to do voices. 

To this day, you will find Will Ryan's name in the voice credits of Disney movies. 

Here is what I just learned that blew my mind...

Phil Baron was the voice of that creepy robotic bear Teddy Ruxpin and Will Ryan was the voice if Teddy's cartoon sidekick "Grubby." 

Who knew? 

Back to what I did know...

As I said, Will Ryan still makes a good living doing cartoon voices for Disney and others. 

Phil Baron, for the last decade or so, has been a cantor at Valley Beth Shalom temple in Los Angeles. 

Will and Phil still collaborate, occasionally. 

A few years ago, the director of the "Hellboy" animated movies reached out to Willio and Phillio to provide music for the soundtracks. And they obliged. 

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