Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Only Thing I Am Going to say About Donald Sterling

So, y'all are up to speed on the whole Donald Sterling thing, right?

You know...

The SoCal slumlord who diversified his fortune by buying the L.A. Clippers basketball franchise.

You have all heard his racist rants at his black-latina "side chick" that someone leaked to the public via TMZ and the internets.


If not, go Google it.

The whole thing has been commented on by many who are smarter and wittier than you Uncle PC.

We have all heard about how he doesn't care if she hangs out with the blacks or, even, sleeps with the blacks.

Just don't be putting it out there on the Instagram or Facebook. And, don't be brining those people, (not even basketball legend Magic Johnson) to his games.

But, the comments that have been overshadowed by Sterling's bizarre and vile racist rants are more interesting to me.

And those comments are the ones that fall in line with the mainstream "job creators."

The idea that he (and I am paraphrasing, here,) "gave" those basketball player's their jobs, and he "bought their houses and cars for them."

Unlike what I would like to believe are his fringy attitudes about race, (although, I am starting to wonder if those attitudes are all that fringy...)

His comments about what he has "given" his employees is symptomatic of the all too prevalent mind-set of the billionaire 1%.

Sterling's employees, like all employees, earned their houses and cars, by doing the work that he, the employer, is incapable of doing himself.

Without his employees, he would not be an employer.

Likewise, all those low income families, most receiving that reviled government assistance, are the people who made Sterling, and other landlords of his ilk, wealthy to begin with.

And, as Forrest Gump would say, "That is all that I have to say about that."

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