Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

Enjoy your long weekend.

Barbecue something and have a beer on me.

And while you are at it, take a few moments to remember what Memorial Day is all about.

If you need some help, take a listen to this from the official folk singing, political satirist of The PC Blog...

                                                                   Roy Zimmerman.

Fair warning. Roy is usually funny.

Not so much, this time.

On a semi-related note...

My next door neighbor to the east...

Not the teabagging, lawn mower who hates the Liberalism while living off his wife's disability check, unemployment benefits and off-the-grid lawn mowing income, to my west...

But, the Army National Guard Master Sergeant, the highest ranking non-com officer in the state of California, who, after his stint during the first Gulf War, got dragged back to Falluja for not one, not two, but three tours of duty for Dubbya's war, followed by a prestigious office job in Sacramento for the last two years...

Has finally, officially, retired.

Over the last ten weeks, he has remodeled his living room, reframed his front door and windows and...

This week, began installing solar panels on his roof.

So, from this Blog to him, on this Memorial Day weekend, a great big salute.

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