Saturday, June 7, 2014

Breaking Scandal

Earlier this week, some healthy, fit, Polish person with an lPhone™, in a swanky hotel, caught some scandalous, low-res footage of the so-called "President of the United States," Barack HUSSEIN Obama, engaging in a super scandalous, light work-out.

HOLY SHIT!!!! Your Blog exclaimed with his CAPS LOCK on.

Could this be the scandalous scandal that will finally bring down the tyrannical reign of the Marxist, fascist, Muslim "President" Barry HUSSEIN Soetoro?

Or is it just a distraction from BENGHAZI!?

What true American, patriot, pundit will be the first to blow the lid off of this scandalous scandal? I wondered.

Who will be the first to call out the girly man "President," who isn't as fit as...

                                                        Shirtless Vlad Putin on a horse?

Will it be Glen Beck? Or someone living off the decaying corpse of Andrew Breitbart? Or any one of many of the "fair and balanced" "journalists" at Fox "News?"

Maybe it will be one of the folks at the increasing self parody that is CNN.

Maybe even that  "scud stud" Wolf Blitzer.

Quick! Go watch CNN's report, before TMZ™ makes YouTube™ take it down, because, copyright.

You're horrified. I know, right?

But, no. None of the usual patriots from the right-wing media got on this in a timely manor.

Instead, the first conserva... whatever, wait. Seriously, shit. I can't keep this up.

This post on the Facebook™ came from a right-wing friend and coworker of your Uncle PC.

                                               Oh, Shit! Get some ointment for the burn!

As is the Curmudgeon's policy, I have blurred the identity of the poster, even though his post was public. Because I have to work with the guy. And. most of the time, he isn't this stupid.

So, the President was doing a light workout in a hotel in Poland.

So, fucking, what?

All your Blog can think of is a piece of video from a few years back. 

This one.

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