Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Calvin Before Swine or Pearls Before Hobbes.

Hey, my bloglitts!

Are you like me?

Do you still subscribe to a dying, old timey, paper and ink newspaper? Or two.

So do you, like your Uncle PC, require ink stains on your fingertips as you order your bacon and eggs from you favorite greasy-spoon diner?

Do you, like me, start your morning with the comics section, before you move on to the more depressing parts of your newspaper?

Do you love "Doonesbury" even though the strips are reruns from 30 years ago?

Do you tolerate "Classic Peanuts" or "Garfield" even though those strips haven't been funny in years?

Do you share "Bizarro" and "Non Sequitur" strips on your Facebook page, while feeling disgust for right-wing comics like "Mallard Fillmore" and "Prickly City?"

If so, then this post is for you.

Did you catch last week's "Pearls Before Swine" story arc?

Did you get that you were witnessing something historic?

I sure missed it.

Until it was explained to me.

The clues were there.

Your Blog feels like an idiot for missing them.

But, there they were.

Go on over to BuzzFeed and read all about it.

I will be here when you come back.

Did you get that?

Bill Watterson, creator of the greatest comic strip ever...

  The J.D. Salinger of comics, secretly contributed artwork to Stephan Pastis' "Pearls Before Swine."

And it was his idea!

My mind is blown. How are you feeling?

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