Thursday, June 19, 2014

Happy Birthday, Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla invented the future we now call "today."

Seriously, everything from X-rays, to wireless communication, to A/C electricity.

Marconi stole radio from Tesla.

When Thomas Edison was finished stealing moving pictures from Georges Mélies, he moved on to stealing electricity from Tesla.

Marconi and Edison were a couple of douche canisters.

Irony, coincidence or, maybe a clever plan...

Just days ago, SpaceX entrepreneur Elon Musk gave away all patents of his electric car company to "open source" development. It has been done before, (JVC gave away the patents for VHS video tech, effectively killing Sony's Beta tech.) But, never on something this huge.

The name of Musk's car company?

Tesla Motors.

An unrelated, but sort of interesting fact...

Nikola Tesla, in spite of his own impressive head of hair and awesome 'stache, suffered from chaetophobia, sometimes called trichophobia, a fear of hair.

Because of this phobia, poor Niki died a virgin, because he could not bring himself to touch a woman, because, hair.

On the head, and other parts.

One of my favorite Sci-Fi authors, Spider Robinson, gave his hero, a fictionalized version of Tesla, a gift.

The novel was "Lady Slings the Booze," a funny and heartwarming tale of a "house of excellent repute" that caters to time-travelers, aliens and humans that have nowhere else to go.

In that story, Lady Sally Callahan provides a time-traveling Tesla with the services of a completely hairless "working girl." Love and "happily ever afters" ensue.

Happy Birthday, Nikola Tesla.

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