Sunday, September 23, 2012

About Last Night's Post

In the blogosphere, there is one sign that a blog has made the big time.

Namely, when the comments section attracts one or two annoying, pain-in-the-ass, know-it-alls who take great pleasure in showing off their vast collection of minutiae by pointing out a blog's factual errors or outright lies.

These critics land in two different categories. 

The polite but smug fan who wants to show that he/she knows a bit more than the blogger and is just here to help...

"Love your blog, but thought that you should know that this post contains this error. Love you! Keep it up!"

(The Blog knows a thing or two about this guy because, truth be told, he is one of those annoying, pain-in-the-ass, know-it-alls.)

And, "The Troll."

"Nice blog, moran! Get ur facts strate, looser!"

When a blog starts getting those comments on his posts, then Woot Woot! It's time to start generating ad revenue!

Sadly, The Blog has not attracted any of those people yet.


I'll have to keep trying.

Until then, The Blog will have to troll his own blog.

Last night, while waxing poetic about his meet with Meatloaf singer Karla DeVito, The Blog omitted a fact.

Ms. Devito  was not the singer that you hear singing "Paradise By the Dashboard Light" with Meatloaf  on his  first album, "Bat Out of Hell."

That was Ellen Foley.

After the album was recorded, Ellen went off to pursue a career as a solo artist and actress. And, while her recording career didn't amount to much, (three albums, no hits, but The Blog does own her first record) she actually did pretty well on television and the stage.

She landed a costarring role on the NBC summer replacement, variety series "3 Girls 3" and spent a year on the brilliant comedy "Night Court."

You can get the full lowdown on Ellen's career here.

Karla picked up where Ellen left off, touring with Mr. Loaf and recording subsequent albums with him.

And, for the record, the (almost) Karla look-alike, sound-alike in the absolutely brilliant 2000 something AT&T cell phone commercial, "Paradise By the Go Phone Light" was 1990's mall star Tiffany.
Wasn't that fun? Yes, it was.

Now, I will troll myself one more time...

A couple of paragraphs up, I called "Bat Out of Hell" Meatloaf's first album.

Actually, it was his second.

His first was a record (record: a big, black, round thing made of vinyl that played music back in the stone age) was a Motown produced number that went, pretty much nowhere, called "Stoney and Meatloaf." Re-released after the success of "Bat Out of Hell" as "Meatloaf: featuring Stoney and Meatloaf."

                                                  This was the 1970's record industry's idea of subtle symbolism.

Still sold something like three copies. So The Blog figures that his assertion that "BOoH" was the first album that counted.

So, neener!

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