Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Replacement Refs" and Airplane Windows

The Curmudgeon has been enjoying all of the passionate posts on Facebook over the last 24 hours or so, about the lousy job being done by the NFL "replacement" referees.

What I find most interesting about those posts is that the majority of them, among The Blog's FB friends, at least, are coming from his Republican friends.

(Yes, The Blog does have Republican friends, because that is the sort of "big tent" that The Blog has erected. Kumbaya, everybody!)

I don't know if that means that Republicans/Conservatives are more inclined to be emotionally invested in football than Democrats/Liberals, or what. (There may be a research paper to be found in that question.) But, what I do know is that the righteous anger being exercised by my right-wing friends demonstrates, not just irony, but layer upon layer of irony. An irony fritatta, if you will.

And, you know, The Blog loves nothing more than irony.

(Except, maybe, sarcasm.)

For starters, there is the fact that the NFL is using "replacement refs" in an attempt to break the Referee's Union. We "union thugs" have another word for "replacement refs."

And that word is "Scabs."

Remember all of the right-wing anger when St. Ronald successfully busted up the Air Traffic Controllers Union by bringing in "replacement" controllers?

Neither do I.

And, you know, both air traffic controllers and football referees have similar jobs. They both, essentially, direct traffic.

Except for the part where, if a referee makes a bad call, it doesn't result in mid-air collisions at 18,000 feet.

Other than that, they are the same job.

I could harp on a bit more about this. But, if you don't get my point by now, you are probably a Republican.

While I am on the topic of aeronautics....


You might have expected your Ol' Uncle PC to have written a full post about this, last night.

I expected that I would have, too.

And, I tried.

To paraphrase Theo. Seuss Geisel, PhD, "I puzzled and puzzled until my puzzler was sore..."

And, then... Holy Shit! I realized... I can't top that!

Sometimes, satire just writes itself.

Of course, hours after the Mitt hit the fan, the Rom-pologists claimed that Willard's comment was a joke.

No shit.

So are 98% of all of all of his comments.

Now, back to the game...

The Blog won't rehash every single expression of outrage posted by his conservative friends about the desecration of the sacred game. You can probably find many of them posted on your own Facebook news feed.

But here are a couple of The Blog's favorites along with the layers of the irony onion that get peeled back...
"Replacement refs cost the Packers a game they won. Worst call I have ever seen in my life! They have got to go!"
The worst call The Blog has ever seen "in my life," was that game back in 2000. The big Bush v. Gore decision cost Gore the election he won. 


Here is the predictable, making it political, post...

"Anyone waiting to hear Obama blame Bush for the disgusting performance of the replacement refs?"
Keep waiting... (See The Blog's comment, above, about union busting. Dipshit.) 

And, here is the even more predictable rejoinder from that poster's friend...

"im [sic] waiting for Obama to get on ESPN AGAIN to pick his March Madness picks!!! Instead of doing his job..."

Ouch! Rapier, conservative wit.

Please give me a moment, while I Ell Emm Eff Ayy Oh. (As the kids say, these days.)

Okay, I'm alright now.

One final irony...

As a corporate establishment, The National Football League may be the most socialistic entity in The United States.

You see, whether you are The Raiders or The Browns, The Chargers or The Steelers or The Ravens or The Fighting Assholes, every dollar you make under the NFL umbrella goes into a central pot. From there, the profits are distributed evenly among all of the NFL teams, regardless of your team's individual value to the league.

Talk about redistribution of wealth!

Holy shit!

The NFL isn't socialist. It's a fucking Marxist, hippy commune!

And, on that note...

For your listening pleasure, please allow your Uncle PC to lay a bit of musical commentary about some other socialist aspects of America on you.

Give it up for "The Clark Kent of Folk Music," Mr. Roy Zimmerman!

You socialists!

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