Saturday, September 15, 2012

Campaign 2012... Romney vs. Winfrey

A conservative FotB gave his critical thinking the day off, today, and shared the following graphic on his Facebook wall....
                                                  Propaganda points for finding the worst photo of Ms. O... ever.

 The Blog thanks his friend for practically writing his blog for him tonight!

Oprah -- Born in relative poverty to a single mother.
Willard -- Born to a billionaire CEO and future governor of Michigan and his wife.

Oprah -- Abused and molested as a girl.
Willard -- Amused self and friends by bullying others (i.e. a blind professor and a gay classmate) as a boy.

Oprah -- Began career path at the age of 19 in Nashville, TN. Worked at a radio station.
Willard -- Draft deferral at 21 while on Mormon mission to Bordeaux, France. Lived in a castle.

Oprah -- Became the first black news anchor at WTVF in Nashville in 1972, a Baltimore talk show host in 1978 and star of Chicago's  "Oprah Winfrey Show" in 1984.
Willard -- Took high level position at Bain & Co. at the age of 30.

Oprah -- Nominated for Oscar in 1985.
Willard -- Started Bain Capital in 1984.

Oprah -- Pulled herself up by her bootstraps.
Willard -- Was pulled up by the silver spoon in his mouth.

Oprah -- Created several thousand high paying jobs in her production company.
Willard -- Outsourced hundreds of thousands of jobs overseas while bankrupting companies.

Oprah -- Pays employees well above market rates, plus benefits and bonuses, 52 weeks a year,     whether production is up or not.
Willard -- Opposes the Minimum Wage.

Oprah -- Retires her daily show, but creates new shows so that her staff and crew can continue to work.
Willard -- Enjoys firing people who provide services to him.

Oprah -- Builds schools in Africa.
Willard -- Offends North African governments.

Oprah -- Supports Barack Obama.
Willard -- Opposes Barack Obama

Oprah -- Has no desire to run for public office.
Willard -- Aspires to public office.

So, you see, my Republican friends?

It's not about net worth. It's about how they got to that point and what they have done with it once they got it.



  1. Oprah - Television personality.

    Willard - Running for the office of THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    And yet between the two, I'd vote for Oprah.