Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hollywood and The Blog's Nostalgia (Or Not)


Real quick.

Before The Blog gets on to his planned post of the night....

If the first thing that you have done on the internets today is log onto The Blog's blog, then you may not know that, last night, Willard "Mitt" Romney made an appearance on the Spanish language network Univision.

And, as pointed out by all of the bloggers who do not actually have day jobs away from computers had pointed out by 1:00 PM PST... There was something weirder than usual about him.

In case you are one of my bloglitts who does not actually know me, (Bless you and thank you for coming by!) The Blog is a make-up artist by trade.

Because, as a 100-year-old woman who once asked me if I did make-up for a living, quipped, "Well, everybody has to do something."

So, a couple of FotB asked me for my thoughts about Mittens' appearance.

There was a time in the movie business, when everyone in front of the camera except Hattie McDaniels and Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, was lily white.

Lawrence Olivier played Othello. John Wayne played Ghengis Kahn and Warner Oland played Charlie Chan.

                                                        And then, there was the whole "Amos and Andy" thing.

I think you get my point.

There is a name in Hollywood, in our new, politically correct (or, as I like to call it, "sensitive, good mannered and non-racist) era.

It's called "painting down."

Painting down does not go over well in the modern age of show-biz. And, rightly so. Qualified actors of various ethnicities are deprived employment while Caucasian actors go under the brush.

It really just doesn't happen anymore.

In my 30 year career, I have been asked to do paint downs twice. (Three times, if you count painting a pornstar's penis "African-American." But, I would rather not talk about that.)

I have only agreed to do it once. (Unless you count the penis. It was a parody of "Watermelon Man" and it was the punch-line of the whole story. So it was okay, in context. But, seriously, stop asking! It was a long time ago and I had a family to feed!)

That one time was when the production couldn't find a female, African-American high diver to jump off the side of a ship, on short notice. So, yes, I "painted down" a red headed, porcilain skinned, Irish-American, high diver. So sue me.

Which brings us to Romney's Univision appearance.

                                                                     Because holy shit!

The line of demarcation on the neck and ears suggest major incompetence on the part of Mittens' make-up artist. And, oh, those hands!

                                                I hate to bad mouth fellow make-up artists, but, What the Fuck?!?!

The question has been asked...
"Why was Mitt his usual, lily white self, just hours before he went on the TV to talk to Latino-Americans?"

And, The Blog's answer is...

"Who the fuck knows?"

Was it just bad make-up? Or has El Mitten's gone so far off the rails (on a crazy train) that he actually thought that browning it up might get him some Latino votes?"

At this point, anything seems possible.

Oh, shit!

But, what The Blog finds the funniest about Mittens' Univision appearance is that he looks, not like the Hispanic audience that he seems to be pandering to.

But, rather...

John Boehner.

                                                                    See what I mean?

This post hasn't been so quick, after all.

I think that this is enough for tonight.

So, tomorrow night's post will be the one that I had planned for tonight.

"Hollywood and The Blog's Nostalgia ."

No politics. No outrage. Not even any snark. (Probably.) Just a fun post.

See you tomorrow night!


  1. A variation of telling the people what they want to hear in order to get elected? Makes sense to this fried brain cell. I heard shortly after a snipit of his Univision appearance a new poll. Interesting. Who would the Latinos polled for this thing have voted for yesterday? i don't remember the exact numbers but the ratio was roughly 40% more - for Obama.
    Another thought which is based on something totally taken out of context. Apparently somewhere along the line this was brought up during his - current - take on the illegal alien issue. Apparently quite a few will be opting for "voluntary deportation". Whatever hte hell that is. But whatever it is. may I join their ranks if this thing gets elected?

  2. See!? I knew you'd have a unique take on this!