Wednesday, September 11, 2013


First, a quick follow up to something I said in last night's post.

I'm not going to link to it. It's the post before this one. Find it yourself.

About President Obama's game of chess, re: Syria.


                                                And, "Live long and prosper, beeyotches."


Tomorrow is the twelfth anniversary of the 9/11 attack on U.S. soil.

Which, in case anyone needs a refresher course on recent U.S. history...

Happened on the watch of President George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, et al.

Not Clinton.

Not Obama.

So, let's stop trying to rewrite history, shall we, my Republican friends?


As I posted a year ago, we will never forget the horrific events of 09/11/2001. Because, who could?

But, it is past time to get over it and move on.

Which brings me to the present.

During the last week, while President Obama was moving his Vulcan knight into the "check" position...

The following meme made the "conservative" rounds...

This left The Blog uncharacteristically speechless.

I wanted to respond to the Facebook "shares" of this photo.

But, I was nonplussed, gob-smacked and baffled.

The notion here seems to be that Syrians were the people who attacked the World Trade Center.

But, and I have not double checked this. I am relying on memory, here...

No Syrians were involved in the 9/11 attack.

The attack was perpetrated by Al Quaida. The majority of the hijackers were Saudis.

As in, Saudi Arabia. The House of Saud. Before, during and after, friends and allies of the Bush administration.

Not a Syrian among them.

So, what are my "conservative" friends saying when they share this meme?

It is true that we (the U.S.) are supporting many of the factions that are rebelling against the Assad regime. We are supporting the factions that have legitimate beefs against Assad.

It is true that Al Quaida has moved in on this rebellion.

Al Quaida thrives on chaos.

But, we are not supporting Al Quaida in Syria. We are supporting the legitimate rebels.

None of whom had anything to do with 9/11.

Which brought me to a disturbing conclusion about the above meme.

Is it possible that my "conservative" friends who saw fit to pass this meme around actually believe that "Arabs are Arabs and Muslims are Muslims and they are all terrorists, so fuck them all and let Allah sort them out?"

I sure hope that isn't the case. But it sure seems that way.

Ann Coulter once vomited this bit of wit...

"Not all Mooslims [sic] are terrorists, but all terrorists are Mooslims [sic]."

I hope that that is not really what my "conservative" friends believe.

Because, what a crock of shit.

But, just this morning, Ann Coulter appeared on "Fox & Friends" and cranked her bigoted Islomophobia to eleven.

She crossed the line so far that even "F&F" host Brian Kilmeade felt obligated to call her out.

And that is saying something.

Consider tonight's post The Blog's obligatory 9/11 post.

Tomorrow night, something else.


Finally, a brief comment about the right-wing outrage over this photo...

                                                               I will call it, "Shoegate."

The right wing punditry and their sheep are outraged that President Obama would disrespect the Oval Office's "Resolute Desk," by putting his feet up on it.

Holy Shit!!!!!!


No president would ever do something so anti-American!

Obama's shoes on the sacred desk (installed in the Oval Office by conservative hero, John F. Kennedy,) must be some sort of secret Muslim Brotherhood code.



Is the right-wing so desperate to find some way to discredit the Kenyan, Commie, (white) house nigger, that they would stoop to this.

It would seem, yes.

Yes, they are that desperate.

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