Monday, September 23, 2013

The Fecal Matter Hits the Oscillating Air Cooling Device

Blogging will be sporadic for the next few nights.

The shit is, indeed, hitting the fan.

Several fans, in fact.

It's flying around like a shit fight in the monkey house.

And, your Uncle PC is struggling to keep up.


We all know by now, (We all do, don't we?) that Congressional House, Tea Party newbies, led by Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee have passed a bill to de-fund or repeal The Affordable Care Act or shut the Gub'mint's shit down.

It is, after all, the patriotic thing to do.

We also know that every Republican with a shred of sanity and memory enough to remember the mid-'90s...

From "Grampy" McCain to Senate Minority, Obstructionist Leader, Yertle Mitch McConnell, to Karl Rove and even, Fox "News," have called "bullshit" on their bullshit.

Republicans are eating their own. And it's kinda fun to watch.


According to a poll taken by an Atlanta newspaper, far too many 'Mercans don't know anything about "Obamacare," except that the are agin' it.

The next few weeks are going to be interesting.


The flying feces here at home...

Well, the usual health problems, compounded by the fact that your Uncle PC has just learned that that pain in his foot is arthritis which might be treated, but never cured.

Great news for a who that makes his living STANDING ON HIS FEET FOR HOURS AT A TIME.

Oh, and the battery and radiator on the truck both crapped out on the same day.



The following rubber stamped message showed up on some random woman's dollar bill the other day...

She posted it on Facebook and it went viral among The Blog's "Christian," right-wing, islamophobic friends, (among, I am sure, many other "Christian," right-wing, islamophobes,) as proof...

Yes, PROOF!...

... That there is a war..., a JIHAD!...

... by the Mooslims against the U.S. of A's official, one true religion.

See you all back here in a couple of days.

I have to catch my breath.

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