Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Curiouser and Curiouser (Read: Crazier and Crazier)

Once again, it's too late tonight for a proper rant post.

Maybe tomorrow night.

So just a quick hit tonight.

As The Blog has mentioned in the past, I get some seriously crazy shit in my email inbox from right-wing propagandists.

But, the email that I got tonight from the legitimate sounding, but totally bullshit, some guy in his Mom's basement, "news" site, Wall Street Daily, via the right-wing vomitorium,, may just be the most balls-to-the-wall, bat-shit, insane bit of fuckery that I have ever seen.

The Blog apologizes in advance for any brain cell suicides, PTSD or damaged keyboards and monitors caused by any scotch/ vodka/ coffee/ warm milk that may result from passing your liquid of preference through your nose or spewed via a Danny Thomas style "spit-take."

*The above link takes about three minutes. Take the time to enjoy a bit of classic television.*

You can use that time to brace yourselves for this.

Because here it comes....

                                            "Click" to enlarge so you can read it. But, you know that.

Oh, and the subject line was this...

"California to be absorbed into Mexico by October"

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