Sunday, September 15, 2013


Good news, class.

Due to the late hour, The Blog will not be posting the follow-up to last night's post until tomorrow night.

That means you have one more day to do your homework, if you haven't already.

You're welcome.


In the meantime...

Just a passing thought.

To my fellow Bat-fans who are, prematurely, getting their capes in a bunch over the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman, I have two words...

                                                                      Michael. Keaton.

Remember how pissed the fanboys were when it was announced that "Mr. Mom" had been cast as The Dark Knight?

Never mind that he had also been...

                                                           Mother fucking Beetlejuice!

Then, remember a few years later, when the same fanboys were even more pissed that "Batman Forever" director Joel Schumacher passed on Keaton in favor of...

                                                                      Val Kilmer?

Shit! Even Schumacher regretted that casting decision.

So, everybody just chill. Okay?

Don't even get me started about the "outside the box" casting of "The Dark Knight Trilogy," that (mostly) worked. 

*Note to self... do a post about that in the next week or so.*

"The Dark Knight's" Christopher Nolan is the Executive Producer of "The Man of Steel" movies. Based on his casting track record, The PC is not going to lose any sleep over Nolan's signing off on Affleck.

I am inclined to trust his instincts.

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