Friday, September 13, 2013


Your homework for tonight...

Hop on over to and read this post.

If you are a fellow traveller...

...A fellow progressive, liberal, pinko, bleeding heart, Obama fellating, socialist, statist, commie symp...

Then this post is probably preaching to the choir.

But, read it closely anyway. Save it to your hard drive and print it out.

You may learn a few things that you didn't know and, at the very least, it will provide you with ammo this Thanksgiving when your dick-head bro-in-law starts spouting off about the parasitic Welfare Queens.

If you are one of The Blog's handful of conservative, right-wing, libertarian, tea-bagging, Ann Coulter cunnilinguing, Reagan fellating, individualists...

... Read the post twice. Then, once more.

See if you recognize yourself, anywhere, here.

I doubt that you will. But, give it a try.

Then, come back tomorrow night.

There will be a quiz.

Well, maybe a quiz. Maybe not.

But, I will lay some facts on you.

Personal, first hand facts.

The kind of facts that you would have to be a card carrying asshole to try to dispute.

So, see you here tomorrow night.

Unless you are the sort of pussy that can't handle the truth.

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