Monday, March 5, 2012

It Isn't Just Rush

Unless you have been living on a moon colony for the last several days, you know that Rush Limbaugh has gotten himself into some hot water regarding his comments about private citizen and highly honored law student Sandra Fluke. The Blog won't rehash it all here. If you need to catch up, you can scroll down a couple of posts or, you know, get on Facebook for the full saga.

(Favorite Limbaugh joke....
Q: What's the difference between The Hindenburg and Rush Limbaugh?
A: One is a bloated, unstable, dangerous, Nazi gas bag. The other is The Hindenburg.
... End joke.)

In light of all that, you might assume that other radio talkers would be a bit more... I don't know... cautious?... about the adjectives that they choose while on the air.

But this Blog will tell you that you assume wrong!

Today, syndicated, Rush wannabe, radio bloviator, Mark "The Great One" {snork} Levin used the publicly owned, FCC regulated airwaves to describe President Obama using a word so offensive that even this fucking Blog won't use it.

(Okay, full disclosure.... The Blog has, in fact used the word on, maybe, three occasions. All, unlike Levin, in an inappropriately, gender appropriate way. And only in cases when absolutely no other word was quite up to the job. He used the word to describe 1.) a former boss, 2.) a right wing pundit and 3.) a, now deceased, minor celebrity who made her living talking to a sock puppet. )

Not only did Levin use the word on the air but, seconds later, he doubled down and repeated himself. No accidental slip of the tongue was this!

Here is the audio... *WARNING!!!* NSFW (as if much of anything on this blog is...)

The Blog has to wonder what Levin was thinking. And The Blog will hazard a guess.

Back in the last two decades of the 21st century, The Blog suspected that there was a competition among Seattle grunge rockers over who was more depressed. The Blog has always imagined that, upon learning of Kurt Cobain's suicide, Eddie Vedder's first thought must have been, "Damn it! Kurt wins!" (For the record, the talented Mr. Vedder now sports polo shirts and short hair and continues to have a successful music career. Good for him!)

The Blog thinks that that may be what is going on here. Levin has observed Rush's paradoxical implosion/attention whoring, and has decided to up the ante. (Meanwhile, Glen Beck has moved another step closer to his earlier mentioned "Howard Beale moment," while Sean Hannity is thinking, "...wha'...?")

Now, this Blog believes that "El Rushbo" has every right to say whatever he wants within the confines of FCC regulation. The Blog also believes that you and he have every right to deem Limbaugh a shithead, his advertisers have every right to drop his fat ass like it's hot and, though it seems unlikely to happen, his employer has every right to fire him.

(One more digression... The Blog assumes that only a small portion of Rush's Viagra and Oxycotin habits are covered by his health insurance. The Blog is pretty sure that he pays for the rest of his recreational addictions out of pocket. So, good for him, too!)

But, The Blog hopes that the FCC comes down on Levin with all it has and puts a nail through him like that thing stuck through Janet Jackson's nipple. 

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