Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rest in Whatever....

The Blog had not planned on commenting on the death of Andrew Breitbart. "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all," has never been The Blog's motto. But, "Don't speak ill of the dead, (especially within 48 hours of their passing,") just seems, well, polite.

Oh, The Blog wanted to say something like, "Davy Jones and Andrew Breitbart died of the same cause within 24 hours of each other. Thus proving that there is balance in the universe."

He would have liked to say that. But, that wouldn't be nice.

The Blog has spent the last 24 hour news cycle listening to his fellow Liberals twist themselves into politically correct (or, as normal thinking people call it, "polite") positions, acknowledging that Breitbart was "passionate" and that he had a family who loved him and that he loved his country and his mother (presumably.)

But, this evening as your ole Uncle PC read that leftist, commie rag The Los Angeles Times over dinner, he was reminded of something.

When Sen. Ted "Ted" Kennedy died, Breitbart's eulogy for the Socialist, Marxist, Communist senator from Massachusetts included the words "duplicitous bastard."

So, fuck him!

Andrew Breitbart was a lying, libelous scumbag. A shit stain on the tighty whities of "The New Media." He gleefully destroyed careers and the lives of good people and institutions for his own self aggrandizement and profit. His support for odious assholes like James O'Keeffe, the pimp daddy and convicted felon of disingenuous (and badly edited) video "journalism" and delusional 'birthers" like Orly Taitz made him a major player on the stage of radical "conservatism" and a Fox "News" darling. He leaves a legacy of fraudulently destroying the mission of civil rights proponents ACORN and the career of Shirley Sherrod.

About two weeks ago, after witnessing Breitbart's screeching meltdown at the CPAC convention, The Blog predicted that Breitbart was not far away from going "full Howard Beale" sometime soon. But, "Nature's God" (see: Thomas Jefferson) preempted that spectacle, for now. The odds have swung back in favor of Glen Beck taking up that mantel.

No, Andrew Breitbart will not be missed. Not because the world never noticed him. We did. But, because there are plenty of right-wing assholes waiting in the wings, ready to fill the vacancy that he has left open.

And that is the real tragedy.

Oh. And one more thing. For all of you right-wing conspiracy theorists who think that The President had Breitbart "offed" because he said that he had photos and videos of Obama in college that would "ruin him,".... I f I was Breitbart, (God forbid) and I really had those videos, I would not have bragged about it at CPAC. I would have shown them. Right there, at the convention of right-wing assholes. Because I would have been elevated to godhood. Right then and there. But, he didn't do that, did he? No, he didn't. He just hinted at them, like Nixon hinting at his "secret plan" to get us out of Vietnam. So, tighten your tinfoil hats and go fuck yourselves.

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