Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The Curmudgeon is back, almost.

If you read my last non-post, you know that things weren't going so well in The Blog household. The good news is that no hospital visits were required. The bad news is that I reached a point that left me too stressed out to write anything nasty on the blog for a couple of days. I did, however, manage to write something nasty on my Facebook status that had me apologizing to loved ones for the next 48 hours.

But, things are returning to normal. Or, what passes for normal around here.

I'm sure that by this time tomorrow night, I will have something snarky to say about The United States Supreme Court, the Treyvon Martin case, or the egregious use of quotation marks and apostrophes in public sign-age.

Stay tuned.

(By the way... You may notice that I am keeping the ironic, third party self reference to a minimum. I heard a radio guy today who referred to himself in the third person through the entire show. By the end of the first half hour, I wanted to reach into the radio and shake it right out of him!!!!! Okay, so maybe I am still a little stressed!)

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