Tuesday, December 25, 2012

As Christmas Day Winds Down...

At about 6:30 PM, tonight, The Blog hugged his visiting family members "good by," drugged up Mrs. Blog (who was suffering from severe back pain as a result of yesterday's 3 and a half hours in a dialysis chair) and tucked her into bed. The BlogDog joined her under the covers after devouring her nightly "Greenie™," leaving me, your humble PC to blow out the candles, rinse off the dishes, look back on a wonderful day filled with family, food, drink and gifts. Exhausted beyond the point of sleep.  Too wired to just call it a night and go to bed.

The Facebook newsfeed is a pleasant collection of pictures of trees, meals and family time.

That's nice. But, after 20 minutes, I had "Liked" every post that I could.

So, just a bit less than one year from the start of The Premature Curmudgeon blog, The Blog himself spent a couple of hours unwinding by reading past posts from the beginning.

I don't want to compare my stuff to an institution like "Saturday Night Live." But , like "SNL," for all of the "misses" (in the case of The Blog... typos, lazy posts and derailments of the train of thought,) there have been some posts that, if I may say so myself, are pretty damned good!

Not the least of which was The PC's prognostication, as far back as February, that Willard "Mitt" Romney would be the Republican candidate for president and that he would be unelectable.

If you are new to the blog, or, if you weren't here from the start, I would like to invite you to take some time to check out The Blog's archives.



Be offended.

Have some fun with me!

The "comments" sections are still open on all blog posts. Chime in!

The Blog's stats show that I have readers from all over the world.

I would be thrilled if all of you would take a minute to become official "members."

And, I hope that your holidays were happy!

Let us look forward to, (or, face with trepidation and dread,) the new year.

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  1. Thanks for hosting Christmas and doing SO much cooking! I hate that you had all that work to do, but you are a far better cook than I... so thanks and YUM! Love to you & Mrs. Blog - I hope she's feeling better today and that you both get some down time now.