Monday, December 31, 2012

So Long 2012

The Blog would love to write a truly curmudgeonly post about the artifice of time and our need to mark the passing of the solar year as the end of all things that sucked and a new and, presumably better 365 days ahead.

He would love to snark about the fact that so many will spend this evening working their way toward beginning the new year with a massive hangover and how that is probably not the best way to get a better new year started.

He could go on about what a general cluster fuck the past year was, from the clown car that was the 2012 Republican primary campaign to the corporate suicide of Hostess. From the Mayan apocalypse that wasn't to the fiscal cliff that we didn't go over.

He will give a quiet nod to all of the innocent lives lost or damaged by a handful of madmen with access to high end weaponry and body armor and the batshittery that came from the NRA and their ilk, in response.

He could mention that there is no evidence to suggest that anything is going to get better in the new year.

But, DAMMIT, he just can't do it.

The PC is as hard wired as everyone else is to, if not believe, at least hope, that 2013 will be a better year than 2012 was.

Whatever other resolutions we all make for the new year, that we probably will give up on in a week or so, (The PC MUST lose weight in the coming year. And a lot of it! We'll see. The fact that he can no longer get his hands on Hostess Sno-Balls might just help.)

Can you, my blogglitts, resolve, along with me, to do something, anything, to make the year 2013 a better year than last year?

Can we all make this our one, unbreakable resolution?

In that vein, allow me to share a photo from FotB George Takei...

Have a Happy, Healthy, Safe New Year!

"Make it so!"

One more thing (off topic)...

123 pageviews yesterday! That is a new record! And I didn't even have to include a pic of Kate Upton in a bikini!

                                                                 But, here is another one, just in case it helps.

And welcome new member Susan!

Maybe in 2013 The Blog will get some members who are not family, friends, co-workers and high school crushes.

But, I appreciate all of you have joined up!

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