Friday, December 21, 2012

December 21, 2012

How is everyone doing?

Everyone still here?


Another Armageddon survived. The third in two years!

The Blog gets it that "end of the world" theories are fun to contemplate.

They make great Facebook memes and provide a good excuse for a party.

(Because, what other reason could there be to have a party in late December?)

But, the day has passed. We are still here.

Tomorrow we are all going to have to go pay our overdue credit card and cell phone bills.

We will, also, have to do our Christmas shopping.

We did get one really bad movie out of it.

                                                                            I'm talkin' to you Cusack!


But, okay fine.

It's time to move on.

So, a couple of random thoughts....

After a week of silence and a deleted Facebook page and Twitter account, the N.R.A. via VP Wayne La Pierre staged a "news conference" (no questions from the press, thank you.)

In a surprise move (place sarcasm font here) La Pierre placed the blame on the Sandy Hook massacre on "video games and the liberal media," explaining that gun violence had nothing to do with, um, guns.

In fact, according to La Pierre, the solution to gun violence is.... wait for it.... more guns.

Jesus wept.


Lindsey Lohan is in trouble again. The Blog does not know why, and, frankly, doesn't care enough to find out why.


"Week Six" without Hostess.

America's nightmare continues.

The Blog doesn't give a shit about Twinkies.

                                                                    But, he is jonesing for some "Sno-Balls."


We are well into "The Age of Aquarius."

"Harmony and understanding," they told us.

The Blog thinks that "Hair" may be based on bullshit.


Congratulations are in order for the F.O.B. Stephanie Lynn, on her engagement.

That is all for tonight.

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