Friday, December 28, 2012



The Blog lied.

Not taking the week off, after all.

Because something has gotten under his skin.

Some of The Blog's right-wing friends, (and as I have said before, yes, I have right-wing friends) have, since the horrifying tragedy in Newtown, CT, spent a great deal of time and energy defending the whole concept of gun ownership.

According to them, the answer to gun violence is...

More guns.

The Blog loves his gun loving friends, dearly.

But, yes, he also thinks of them as "gun nuts."

That's right.

While The Blog loves you all... you, my gun fetishizing friends... are nuts.

Claiming that the answer to gun violence is more guns is like claiming that the answer to drug addiction is more heroin.

The Blog is all in favor of gun rights. As I have said before, the Second Amendment is settled law, and The Blog supports that.

The thing that has gotten the PC's panties in a bunch is the recent criticism of certain pro-gun control commentators like Michael Moore, Michael Bloomberg, Rahm Emanuel, Rosie O'Donnel and President Obama, for having armed security.

While, according to the gun nut's posts, "Regular folk (aka: suckers) do not have thier {sic} own armed security details."

The Blog is "regular folk."

And in the 30 years that he has lived in some marginal neighborhoods and worked in some seriously dangerous places, he has never felt that he would feel safer if he was packing heat.

The Blog has armed his home with a baseball bat, a dog and a decent alarm system. And he couldn't feel more secure.

The fact is, if an intruder entered The Blog's home at 3:00 AM, a gun, safely locked up and unloaded, would be less than useless.

Like the mom of the Connecticut shooter, guns in the house would pose a greater danger to family and home than to any bad guy.

That's a fact.

The thing that the above list of well known people have in common is this, they are all public figures who have all received death threats from... wait for it... right-wing gun nuts.

Get it?

On that note...

Allow me to leave you with this song, from the inimitable Roy Zimmerman.

Enjoy the song, and think about the message.

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