Saturday, May 19, 2012

It's Good Mood Food!

According to a news story, this morning, a teenage boy found a piece of a human finger in his Arby's sandwich.

The story tells us that an employee, operating the slicer, cut off a chunk of her finger, which landed in the sandwich she was preparing.

Rather than doing the thing that most people would expect one to do in this situation, namely, exclaiming, "Holy Shit! I just cut my finger off! Call 911 and retrieve my finger, so maybe the hospital can sew it back on!" She, instead, wrapped what was left of her digit, finished her shift, then went to the E.R. when her shift was over.

I don't know, exactly, what this means. I suspect that it means that the employee was so afraid of losing her crappy, fast food job, that she sucked it up and pretended that everything was fine, rather than raise an alarm.

Meanwhile, the teen who found the finger in his sandwich is reportedly traumatized and is now suing Arby's.

Full disclosure...

The Blog worked at an Arby's  when he was a high school student. Knowing what he knows about Arby's, as an adult with a wife and child, he has not set foot in an Arby's since his employment there.

The bottom line is....

A human finger in a sandwich is the least gross thing that The Blog has ever known about Arby's. At least that finger was a legitimate hunk of meat.

Those wholesome slices of roast beef that land on Arby's buns?

Chopped, ground and processed bits of meat scraps molded with tallow (beef fat) into ovoid loaves of a beef like substance.

Pink slime? That's fucking amateur hour compared to the shit that Arby's passes off as "roast beef."

And if you don't find that disturbing enough, let's talk about the "Arby-Q" sandwich. At the end of the work night, three loaves of pseudo-beef are sliced up into a tray. Then, the slicer (like the one that claimed the above mentioned finger) is cleaned out. Globs of scraps, mostly tallow and a bit of beef, are dug out of the slicer's works and tossed into the tray with the "beef" slices. A gallon of BBQ sauce is then hand kneeded into the tray of "beef" and slicer garbage, and left to marinate over night. That mess is then served, the next day, as the "Arby-Q" sandwich.

Are you struggling to keep from puking as you read this?


How about this?

There is one employee in the back, scraping the mold off of buns that have sat in the back room for a day or two longer than they probably should have, so that they can be served to customers who will never know the difference.

At the Arby's that The Blog worked at, employee's meals were free. But, after a month or two, we tended to go next door to Wendy's or Hardy's (Carl's Jr. to you west coast bloglitts) where we paid full price, rather than eating any of Arby's crap. Probably no better. But, at least we didn't know about it, first hand.

Because, well, we did know about Arby's.

In fairness to Arby's, The Blog will tell you this...

Those Pepperidge Farm Apple Turnovers that they sell for desert are, indeed, fresh and, more or less, wholesome. At the end of a business day, Arby's employees get to take the surplus turnovers home.

The payoff, I suppose, for keeping our mouths shut about the shit that Arby's was serving it's customers.

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  1. I've always remembered that bonanza of turnovers.... I was thinking about them the whole time I was reading this - probably to keep from puking!