Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Bumper Sticker Collection, Part 3

If you have been following my posts for a while, you know that The Blog loves weird bumper stickers.

While driving to the bank, this morning, I came across this one.

The quality of the pic is poor. The Blog took it with his iPhone while driving.*

*The Blog does not endorse the habit of taking photos while driving. Do not try this yourself.

The car was a bit too far a way. The Blog attempted to enhance the bumper sticker in Photoshop to make it clearer, but, regardless of what you see on "CSI: Wherever" and "NCIS" there is no magic program to properly enhance low definition photos.

In case you can't make it out, the bumper sticker says this...

 "TRUST GOD Anyway."

The Blog's past bumper sticker posts have highlighted clueless right-wing ideologies. They were almost too easy to make fun of.

But, this one, well, The Blog isn't sure what to make of it.

 "TRUST GOD Anyway." ?!?!?

As far as The Blog can figure, this sticker says, "I trust God, but, I can't really tell you why. So, just go with it."

I don't know if it represents blind faith, or a sort of befuddled agnosticism.

The Blog is stumped!

Any ideas about this?

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