Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Some Random Thoughts... And One That's Not So Random...

Grown men who make their living beating the crap out of other men while half naked and oiled up, should maybe ease up on the whole condemning homosexuality thing.


Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin signs "Open Carry" bill (S.B. 1733) allowing OK citizens with "concealed carry" licenses to let their guns hang out in the open.

The Blog knows that there is an "Open Carry" penis joke here, somewhere. He just hasn't worked it out yet.


An observation about the above comment...

Oklahoma's "Z94 The Rock Station" seems to be an "All Nugent, All the Time" sort of station. Check out their "drive time" guy. "Critter." It's like bad satire!


The group "California Taxpayers Association" is currently running radio ads opposing California's Proposition 29 (a tobacco tax) saying something to the effect of "when a Proposition is passed by 'the voters' it immediately becomes law, flaws and all." And in the case of Prop 29, nothing in that referendum can be changed for 15 years. The "California Taxpayers Association" believes that a tax hike on tobacco users (read: smokers) is too flawed and dangerous to be trusted to California's voting citizens.

(It should come as no surprise to anyone that these ads are being funded by R.J. Reynolds and Phillip Morris tobacco companies.)

Now, The Blog actually agrees with the "California Taxpayers Association" on this one. The Blog is a smoker who has voted in favor of tobacco taxes in the past. The PC is, generally, in favor of "sin taxes." I have seen the cost of my favorite vice nearly double over the last decade. And, I'm okay with that. But, Prop 29 is a poorly written law that needs to be defeated, if only to allow a better thought out version to be put in it's place.

But, here is the weird thing....

Back in 1978, the same "California Taxpayers Association" was the sponsor of a ballot measure called Proposition 13. A referendum nominally designed to keep property taxes down for long term, California property owners.

A referendum voted into law by California voting citizens.

"Flaws and all."

The selling point was that Prop 13 would keep senior citizens from losing their homes to increasing property taxes. And to it's credit, it did serve that purpose.

But, Oh! The flaws!

You see, there was a built in loophole that allowed business properties to place ownership in holding companies. That way, most California businesses, from restaurants to major office buildings are, in the year 2012, still paying 1975 property tax rates. While those of us who bought residential property between 1980 and today are shouldering the majority of the state property tax burden.

And of those people, the folks (like your Unlce PC) who bought their houses during the real estate bubble, are paying three to four times more than their neighbors, who bought their homes ten years earlier.

In case you have lost track of the original point....

The folks that are now saying that voter referendums are bad because they contain flaws that will haunt taxpayers for years, if not forever, were the same people that sold California voters on Prop 13, a bad law that will never, realistically be overturned, thanks to it's disingenuously "flawed" wording.

Oh. And did I mention that the end result of Prop 13 is that the State of California is now teetering on bankruptcy?

The Blog loves irony.

But, he hates hypocrisy.

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