Thursday, May 24, 2012

Some New Propaganda

In past posts, The Blog has mentioned the steaming piles of shit that are shoveled into his email inbox by the Right-Wing propagandists on a daily basis.

The shovel loads of bovine excrement arrive from groups calling themselves, "Townhall Spotlight," "Right Change," "Conservative Action Alerts" and, The Blog's favorite, "The Christian Response."

The most fascinating thing about this crap is, each email is absolutely identical to the last. It's all "cut, paste and clone." One propaganda machine gets ahold of a "story" the rest waste no time parroting it.

Today, no less than four Right-wing propaganda machines shat out the following...
                                               Oh and the email goes on and on to the point of losing it's topic.
                                                                       I won't post any more of it here. 
                                        I will not allow the insult to my Bloglitts intelligence to go any further.

The folks who were all on board for "The Patriot Act," "indefinite detention" and "extreme interrogation techniques" are now warning us that "The Kenyan {read "nigger"} in the Whitehouse" is going to declare "martial law" in America, according to an "anonymous whistle blower" at the DHS.

President Obama and his spokespeople won't lower themselves to respond to these scumbags. Nor, should they.

But, I will.

The Blog calls 'em as he sees 'em!

Extreme "conservatives," "Tea Partyers" Fundamentalist, Evangelical "Christians," and Ayn Randians."

Just a bunch of fucking hypocrites, bigots and liars.

That is all.

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