Saturday, May 5, 2012

What is the Deal...

...with this guy?


Ted Nugent has gotten more press in the last month than he got in 1977, when he was actually, you know, relevant.

A few weeks ago, Nugent made some comments at the NRA convention that were crazy enough to warrant a visit from the Secret Service. At that time, The Blog said he would comment on Ted's threats against the President. (and make no mistake, Ted's comments were threats, no matter what he claims.)

But, after a few days passed, those comments really didn't seem very important. So The Blog let it slide.

But, holy shit! This guy just won't go away!

Let me be clear. The Blog is an old hard rocker from wayyyyy back.

The Blog has "Cat Scratch Fever" on his iPod. And, really, as much of an asshole as this guy is, he can really make an electric guitar scream.

(The Blog would scream, too, if he knew that the show would end with crossbow bolts being shot threw him!)

Nugent says that if Obama is reelected, he (Nugent) will be "dead or in jail." This is the remark that warranted a visit from the Secret Service. And, rightly so. Back in 2008, Nugent invited the candidate Obama to "suck on" his machine guns.

And, unlike so many right wing pundits who have said some pretty vile things about our president, The Blog is pretty sure that Ted believes the shit he is spewing.

Witness Nugent's diatribe on a recent CBS Morning Show interview.

The Blog saw Ted perform live about a decade ago, when he opened for KISS.

At that time Dubbya was still president. But Nugent had some particularly choice words for Senators Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi. The word (God, The Blog hates this word, but for the sake of accuracy will type it) "Cunt" was used to describe all three California Senators.

He also told the crowd that they were... "In America. So speak fucking English!"

The Blog was disturbed by the  number of audience members who cheered for this shit.

Which brings us to another uncomfortable fact.

Okay. As much as I hate seeing my favorite Rock God, Gene Simmons support Romney, I get it. He's, like, a gazillionaire. So, social liberalism, which Gene is known for, be damned. Economic Conservatism takes precedence. Whatever. Fuck him. Two of the others pictured are Detroit natives, Ted and Bob "Kid" Rock. Supporting the guy who thinks that we should have let Detroit go bankrupt.

And really, who gives a shit about failed presidential candidates Donald Trump and Herman Cain? Fuck them. In a week or so, Mittens will agree to pay off Newt's $4 million campaign debt and will get his endorsement. Fuck him, too!

And, while it pains The Blog to out his favorite '70s rockers, don't be surprised if Alice Cooper endorses Willard, too.

Which brings The Blog to the question, "When liberal celebrities speak up for Obama and Democratic, liberal issues and candidates, the "Right-wing" says that they should just "shut the fuck up." Why are they so ball-less to not call out extreme right-wing celebs like Nugent, Norris, Willis, and Grammer, Kid Rock and Alice Cooper to do the same?


  1. And the bottom line is: Who the hell really cares who so-called celebrities endorse anyway? A few said celebrities actually have done some good with their lives and their gazillions, for others besides themselves. Leave out the adoptions of the week (Yes, I love kids, but let's adopt the ones right here first.) Quite a few said celebrities aren't worth shit once you take away what they are 'famous' for.
    I don't care what you are trying to sell me or who you are endorsing - supposedly. If I don't think it's worth the time of day, I'm not going to buy it... by any definition.
    I saw Nugent's diatribe. If one of us real people said half of what he did, we'd be rotting in jail.

    1. Too be clear... Republicans have long held the position that liberal celebrities should not, publicly, share their opinions, because, as celebrities, they are, by default, shallow and stupid. I've never heard a Democrat take that position. But, Republicans are the ones who elected Ronald Reagan governor of California and President of the United States. In Palm Springs and Monterey they elected Sonny Bono and Clint Eastwood mayor. They made Fred Grandy (Gopher on The Love Boat... I know, barely a celeb...) a senator. And when they elected The Governator, they started talking about ways to get around the Constitution to elect him president, until they decided that he was a loose cannon and turned on him.

      The Democrats have many brilliant celebrity activists. The esteemed gentleman from Wisconsin, Senator Al Franken tops the list!