Sunday, May 20, 2012

Will Smith's "Smack to the Future."

Hollywood nice guy, Will Smith garnered some unwanted publicity yesterday, when  he slapped a Ukrainian entertainment reporter who tried to kiss him, on the red carpet for the Russian premier of "Men in Black III."

Here is the video.

Now, that paragon of journalism "" states, "You can clearly see that Will is incredibly angry that the guy showed overt affection toward him."

Really? Watch that video link above again.

I'll wait....

Does Will seem angry here? Or, does he appear, understandably taken off guard, and responded with a good natured and good humored tap?

Here's the thing....

The Blog has worked for entertainment reporting agencies like "Entertainment Tonight," "Extra," and the "E! Network."

And The Blog will admit that American entertainment reportage can reach some pretty amazing low points.

TMZ and Perez Hilton come to mind.


The Blog has endured numerous foreign news junkets with a number of glamorous American actresses over the last few decades.

And, I am here to tell you, Sacha Baron Cohen's "Borat" and "Bruno" have nothing, when it comes to inappropriate questions and behavior, over his real life counterparts.

"So, tell me about your breasts." One European reporter asked Pamela Anderson.

European entertainment reporters are, in The Blog's humble opinion, inappropriate pervs, who deserve whatever abuse that they receive from their targets.

Will's good humored love tap was an appropriate reaction to the reporter's attempted kiss. More, appropriate, in fact, than Madonna's low class, "I loath hydrangeas" comment that was aimed at the same reporter about six months ago.

Will's comment, "He's lucky I didn't sucker punch him." was funny and not at all off base.

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